Security Tokens Launchpad

Creating a global syndicate of professional, registered service providers to complete the due-diligence, KYC/AML, and custodial functions to enable the sale of digital securities through a global network of investors, limited where required to accredited investors.

With its own consulting and technology services, DigiMax provides a global financial solution for its customers with multi-jurisdictional coverage.

The Regulatory-Compliant Platform for High-Quality Digital Securities and STO’s


DigiMax have a common goal to help the world develop STO’s as a respectable, regulatory compliant security offering that is parallel in stature and compliance to common shares. DigiMax has a strong belief and commitment to helping ICO’s become a highly efficient, legal and secure complement to public shares issued by real and profitable companies from all industries.

Four great revenue platforms in one

  1. Global Consulting for structuring and syndicating pre-STO’s.
  2. Global Registered Broker/Dealer for funding STO’s and advising post-STO Date.
  3. Enabling efficient, high velocity funding of STO’s through DigiMax Drop App (formerly ICO Max).
  4. Continually seeking global profit opportunities in the crypto industry.

Global Promotion

We are active participants of the largest specialized conferences in the world and partners of leading rating agencies.

For last 12 months DigiMax team has attend to more than 50 Blockchain Events in 30 Countries and flew nearly 40,000 miles in total.

The exceptional part of the DigiMax promotion approach is STO marketing technology solution you can learn here.

Continuous World Roadshow

DigiMax is constantly increasing its presence at the world's most famous conferences in order to expand its affiliate network and strengthen its brand.

The continual global presence provides ever increasing growth opportunities for both investors in digimax and for its clients.


Flyerdrop is a unique service for the distribution of security token information through the largest blockchain conferences.

Any compliant startup can publish a certain number of flyers, which will be printed and handed out to potential investors. Members can immediately make better buying decisions form this information.