Currency Creation

Unique crypto currency that could truly be used in place of fiat currency for day-to-day human transactions such as buying groceries and eating in restaurants.

Stable-Value Currency Coin

Digicrypts is in the early development stage of a unique crypto currency to be used in place of existing currency for day-to-day consumer transactions, such as buying groceries and eating in restaurants.

A unique feature of this coin is an ingenious method that has been crated whereby the coin will not fluctuate in value, and will be useful in transactions as small as $1.00.

The coin will at first be directed for use in the restaurant and beverage service industries, but can quickly expand to grocery stores and other merchants both physical and on-line.

Benefits to both Vendors and Purchasers using the coin will include the security of blockchain surrounding every transaction, and the individual transaction costs will be less than half of what credit cards currently cost.